14 Things I Wish People Knew about Type 1 Diabetes

Misconceptions and assumptions are rampant, and almost killed me.

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Photo by Mykenzie Johnson on Unsplash

November is National Diabetes Month, which means it’s a good time to cut through the jokes (“Just looking at that cake is gonna give me the diabetuss har har”) and the misinformation (“Cinnamon and turmeric can cure you!”) and talk about what it actually is.

As a type 1 diabetic (also known as “juvenile diabetes,” which is a potentially dangerous misnomer ), I’ll going to focus on that and the things I find myself repeating over and over to people who don’t understand this disease but think they do.

If you experience these things and just know there’s something off in your body, go get checked out. And remember, if a type 2 diagnosis doesn’t feel right, don’t let your weight or age keep your doctor from giving you the right tests. Download and share the infographic below, or visit the American Diabetes Association for more information.

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Infographic from the ADA

I’m a novelist and I also write about writing (and writing-adjacent topics), personal growth, and growing up in an alcoholic family system. sarazarr.com

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